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Making a good impression during an interview is critical.  We can help you prepare to do just that.  By utilizing the Career Services’ Mock Interview Program, you will experience both a virtual and in-person interview.  Below are a few steps and guidelines to help you through the process. 

Step 1: Conduct a virtual mock interview.

You may complete this step by going to  You will need to create an account of your own.  Once logged in, go to the “Conduct Interview” icon to choose an interview or create one of your own.  You will need a webcam to complete this step.  If you do not have access to a webcam, please call Career Services at 453-2391 to schedule a time to use our mock interview room.  Once your interview is complete, you will be given the choice to “request counselor review”.  Please click this option so that our staff may give you feedback before your in-person mock interview.  Need a step by step walk through? Check out this InterviewStream User Guide to learn more.  Note: If you choose, you may stop at this step and only use the virtual mock interview program.

Step 2: Conduct an in-person mock interview.

Mock interviews are one-on-one interview sessions designed to simulate a "real" interview.
 You need to come prepared, expect to be recorded, and be open to the feedback you are given.  Here are some things you should know:

  1. Professional attire is required (Suits are recommended; business casual is acceptable. Wearing blue jeans, shorts, or flip flops is not acceptable.  Note: You WILL be turned away for not being dressed appropriately.)
  2. You must bring two copies of your resume.
  3. Behave professionally the moment you walk into the lobby.  The critique will also cover your pre-interview behavior (i.e. be polite to the receptionist, no texting or talking on your cell phone.)
  4. Arrive at Career Services (Student Services Building, Suite 0179) 10 minutes before your appointment. If you arrive late (regardless of the reason), you will be denied an interview and asked to write a letter of apology before rescheduling.  You are allowed one reschedule per semester.

In order to schedule an in-person mock interview, you may register here. This form will provide us with the information we need to schedule your mock interview.  Please note that you will be required to provide an electronic copy of your resume and a sample job description to complete this step.  Once you have submitted the form, please call Career Services at 453-2391 to schedule an interview time.

NOTE:  All mock interviews conducted as a course assignment MUST be completed by the last Friday of the semester. There will be no mock interviews conducted during finals week.  Please plan accordingly.

Thank you for your interest in the SIU Career Services Mock Interview Program.  We hope you find the experience to be informative and enlightening.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.